If you are not convinced yet that Blue Sky Farms offers the best service for you and your dog, then let our supporters and customers tell you what they think. They say that businesses may "sweeten" their advertisements or services with words, but only the customers will tell the story like it is. Read for yourself what other people say about us below.


Eric Barnes

"Hi my name is Eric Barnes, I am a customer of Blue Sky Farms. I have been bringing my 3 dogs there since they first opened. My dogs have come for boarding, training, and daycare. They are so good with all the dogs over there. Any time I come there the kennel is spotless and the dogs all look so happy. My dogs are so excited to go to the kennel. My wife and I love Blue Sky Farms and highly recommend it to everyone we know."

- Eric Barnes



"My perfect Saturday starts at Blue Sky Farms where I go for obedience training. I've been going to class there since I was five months old. My mom was really timid at first, but with patience and encouragement from Jeannine and Denise we have learned a lot.
I have also been to doggie day care at Blue Sky Farms, which is really fun - there's water to play in!
One time I got to stay overnight for boarding. I missed my family, but I had my big pillow from home, and I got to play with friends. Miss Denise even arranged an appointment with the groomer so I would be all pretty when my mom picked me up.
They take good care of me at Blue Sky Farms!"

- Coco-U-Nut
German Shepherd Dog



Mike Shorter

To Blue Sky Farms,

"I recently needed a place for Outlaw and Grizz to stay while I was out of town after talking with you on the phone I had a good feeling about leaving my dogs with you. Then I came out to look over your place and was equally impressed with your set up and operation. When I returned to pick up Outlaw and Grizz, they actually debated getting in the vehicle with me. That made me feel good about selecting Blue Sky Farms to tend to my precious ones."

Thank you and best regards,
- Mike Shorter


Rikki and Jim & Lynn Nelson

"They call me 'one spoiled rotten German Shepherd' at Blue Sky Farms. My humans think this is the best place ever and think I would not be such a great dog without my Blue Sky Farms training. They have had me in training for over one year, ever since they rescued me when I was 5 months old. I have learned sit, down, stay, come, and off. I think they call it obedience. We have done some agility and some rally training training too. It was really fun. I learned to go through a scary tunnel and jump through a tire hoop. I am looking forward to earning my Good Citizenship Award and my humans want me to be a therapy dog-- whatever that is. I might even compete in a dog show. I get to visit at Blue Sky Farms for Doggie Day Care and play with the other big dogs and even some of my doggie buddies I train with in class. It is great fun and I am so tired when I go home. My humans board me at Blue Sky Farms when they go on vacation. I get to play all day and even get a bath and have my nails done before I go home. I love Blue Sky Farms My humans must too because they keep bringing me here. I know they have even told everyone they know with a about Blue Sky and many of those people let their dogs come here too. I love all the Blue Sky Farms humans-- Jeannine, Denise, Dwayne, Ryan, Kelly, and Dan and don't mind checking out the horses, goat, and kitties too.
I LOVE Blue Sky Farms!!"

- Rikki (Black and Silver Female German Shepherd, age 2) and her humans - Jim & Lynn Nelson


Mary Ann & Ed Johansen

Over the Memorial Day weekend our Chocolate Lab, Megan, stayed for a long weekend.
On Sunday afternoon Jeannine call to inform us that Megan had 'bloat' and she needed immediate medical attention. I authorized her to take Megan to an emergency vet center. Jeannine rushed Megan to the hospital. After a phone conversation with the vet concerning what had to be done. Megan underwent an operation that afternoon.
Jeannine stayed at the hospital until the operation was finished so that she could see her and tell us how she felt Megan was doing. On Monday Jeannine went back to visit Megan. She informed us about her progress after the ordeal.
If the staff and Jeannine had not been experienced and dedicated to the animals entrusted to their care, Megan would not be with us today. She is a happy, healthy, 10 year old playful Lab.
Mary Ann & Ed Johansen


The Rivera family

We have been taking Milo to Blue Sky Farms for over 3 years. We have never been so impressed and happy with a place for our baby boy! Milo goes there to board, get groomed and to have playtime with other dogs on some days. We have never had a problem with anything or anyone there. Blue Sky Farms is a very clean and loving place. When he is there we know that Milo is well taken care of and that he is happy. He loves the staff there as do we. We have referred several people there and haven't had any of them say any different. Thank you to Jeannine and all the Blue Sky Farms staff!
The Rivera family and Milo


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